Sesia, the ultimate furnishings for elegant lifestyles

A lifelong experience in crafting and sourcing the finest materials for an utmost comfort of living has granted Sesia the expertise in designing and producing impeccably unique furniture and interior solutions. With passion for the industry and generations of artistry, we possess the know-how in constructing elegant teak and leather furniture that fits each and every living space flawlessly.

Our Philosophy


a study of humans and the environment has enabled our understanding of how to make use of natural materials most efficiently


our value in all dimensions of beauty and the essence of artistic appeals allow us to create products that are both exquisitely timely and gracefully timeless


delicate craftsmanship is achieved through the hands of skillful artisans as we strive to keep our furniture up to the highest standard

History of Us


A family business initially specialized in crafting teak and leather has passed on their legacy to the next generation by establishing a brand of handcrafted furniture called Sesia. Our company has always believed in connecting genuinely with the environment, and we select our resources from the timber that constantly undergo forest rotation. As an established brand in constructing and designing furniture, we aspire to use the finest materials that respond to your interior inquiries, not just to create beauty in homes but to also bring life to all living spaces.

1962/The beginning.

After an extensive research has revealed that the best teak is grown in Burma, our sawmill business was established. We meticulously select the finest quality teak which is legally grown under forest rotation regulations, thus always maintaining an exuberant forest.

1984/Experience accumulation.

With prior experience in leather material coupled with an acquired knowledge about imported European leather, we began constructing unique pieces of handcrafted furniture from premium leather and combining it with our very own outstanding quality teak.

1995/Birth of SESIA.

Having obtained the expertise in both leather and teak, a furniture factory was thence established in Thailand. It was an instant success as we were able to create more diverse and distinctive styles of furniture responding to a wider range of consumer needs.

Present/An acknowledged brand.

Our furniture is currently crafted under the brand Sesia, providing a perfect mixture of elegance and function. A strong trust in our brand is built through our devotion to creating furnishings that offer elegant design, luxurious comfort, and maximum durability.


At Sesia, the work does not simply begin at the factory and end at your home, for rather than just selling a product, we offer an interior solution. The entire process starts from exploring customers' wishes and sourcing the best materials to crafting the most elegant furnishings that characteristically boast design alongside utility. It is our ambition that when you set foot into your living spaces, you experience the ultimate comfort whilst enjoying the sensation of the material's natural beauty along with the sight of the sophisticated design.

Total interior solution

As a prominent furniture brand that appreciates human nature with varying needs, we realize that each consumer desires furniture which carries a specific characteristic and a fine quality. We are determined to offer a total interior solution that fulfills all types of requirements.

Mix & match materials

Sourcing and selecting the best quality materials is our top priority and with our expertise in both teak and leather resources, we scrupulously incorporate these elements into our work so that each stunning design meets a remarkable comfort that lasts a lifetime.

Characteristically elegant furniture

Each furniture is creatively built with details that are unique and elegant. A piece can stand out on its own yet fit in immaculately with your desired space. It will be a guaranteed showstopper, a conversation piece, a furniture that will bring pride and comfort to its owners.

Excellent support team

With grace of service, we are ready to craft all your interior imagination into reality. Our expert support team will assist and guide you from the first step of designing or selecting the furniture, to the very last step of locating the perfect place for them in your own home.